i’m high functional autistic to quite a serious level.

My brain is different and i’ve felt a life of rejection.

I believe i have found a tool to take us back home.

My life has been dramatic since i could cognize.

I have a limitless imagination.

I’ve not met anyone who speaks my language.

i don’t know if “contact” works sorry. If you are serious about contacting me i hope you find a way. One way would be in the virtual world of second life. Elf Wingtips me would probably be best.

Please forgive me if i may not come to your site. This is because i am autistic to an extreme over-sensitive level. Sometimes my whole system can just shut down so i don’t go places because of this a lot in my life. I need to stay in my world just to remain alive sometimes. I am so deeply grateful for your gift of visiting me thank you and much love from Soli/Elf and the rest of me.

I really do want to build this unclock and i am doing it but i want to do it now and i want it to be free.

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